Rotary is inviting all supporters to participate in the World's Biggest Commercial. Join Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bill Gates, Jackie Chan, Amanda Peet, and other world figures participating in Rotary's This Close campaign to raise awareness and support for polio eradication efforts. The more images it includes, the more impact the commercial will have on the world.


And thanks to a recent partnership with PhRMA, the trade association representing U.S. drug research and biotech companies, those photos will have even more impact: For each uploaded photo, the PhRMA will make a donation that can two children from contracting polio. But in order for the commercial to be recognized as the world’s biggest, we need to collect more This Close images. Here are tips on collecting photos at a photo booth:

1) First, try it yourself. Go to, click on World’s Biggest Commercial at the top of the page, and follow the instructions to upload your photo; be sure to fill out the required dialogue boxes and permission check boxes. For more help, watch this video.

2) Take your show on the road. Now that you are comfortable uploading images, consider places where you can take your laptop and have others upload their photos. Perhaps set up a “photo booth” for club members at your next meeting or event. You can also use tablets and smartphones to upload images.

3) Plan ahead. Test the laptop, tablet, or smartphone to be sure it is working properly and that you have Internet access as well as a working webcam.

4) Get your best face out! Webcams often distort backgrounds or even the clothing you are wearing, so do your best to submit a clean, clear image. And be sure to capture your This Close sign. Here are more hints to help produce the best shot:

  • Set the laptop on a desk and provide an adjustable chair for the photo subject.
  • Make sure the hand position is correct, as it is easy to inadvertently make an offensive gesture.
  • Wear solid colors; prints or plaids tend to be distorted by webcams.
  • Clear clutter from the photo background.
  • Make the event fun, to get people excited about joining in