Attracting Members to Rotary

Let's face it - attracting members to join a service organization is not an easy task. In fact, oftentimes, we see that even though the majority of people are aware of Rotary, only a few know what Rotarians actually do. The prospective members that we try and recruit are often our friends, colleagues or family members. These are people that are easy to recruit because you share a personal relationship with them and can easily explain the work of Rotarians to them.
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Invite a friend or co-worker to your next Rotary club service project

Posted by Dave Gardner

With many clubs struggling to attract younger members, consider inviting a non-Rotarian friend or co-worker to your next social or service project — rather than to a club meeting. It’s a more casual approach that can be highly effective in introducing others to your club’s activities. And it’s a way for your non-Rotarian friends to meet club members. An invitation to a club meeting can come later; this year, focus on engagement by inviting community members to experience Rotary in active service.
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We Are This Close!

With your help, we have made tremendous progress in the fight to eradicate polio. We are at an historic moment -- less than 1% away from the end of polio forever. In honor of World Polio Day on 24 October 2011, we are asking for your help to tell the world about Rotary's achievements and to finish the job.
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Another Make-up Opportunity

Make-ups are awarded to all members (including Board members) who attend the monthly Board Meeting.  They are scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month at 11:00.  Check the Events Calendar for the location.  Come join the fun.
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